“I want to give up the view that art is a means of self-expression for the view that art is a means of self-alteration, and what it alters is mind.” – John Cage

Come experience a mind-altering engagement with the landscape and gardens of the Ogunquit Museum of American Art. Allow your perception to be piqued and expanded through a series of interactive reflections on sculpture, portraiture, and landscape. Inspired by Abbott Pattison’s Large View of Tuyue (China) and a desire to upend the role of viewer and maker, Bouchard’s intervention will encourage guests to reflect on their role in creating the world. Through a self-directed series of movements and engaged “looking,” each guest will have an opportunity to create a series of abstract self-portraits. Bring your cameras and phones. The artist will also be on hand to create and print custom portraits of guests for a nominal fee, a portion of which will go directly to future interventions at the Museum. Art is a way of seeing. Let’s play.

OMAA’s Garden Interventions are a series of one-day happenings set outside the traditional setting of the Museum's galleries, upending connections of both place and the role of the viewer and maker. Invited artists will intentionally lead a day’s itinerary in accord with their métier and practice. Audience is essential to witness, partake, and engage.